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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Personal Grooming For Businessmen

In the fast-paced world we live in, first appearances are everything. If you do not make a good impression at the beginning, you probably won't get a second opportunity. Therefore, men of business have to look at their best. If you are a single guy, looking good should be near the top of your list.

Hair and Skin
*Shaving daily is a must. If you want to keep a moustache or beard, it should be neat and well trimmed.
*Trim hair which may frequently peep out from your nose and ears.
*Keep your hair way above your collar and keep side burns trimmed and short.
*Your hairstyle should reflect your personality and should be kept groomed and, of course, clean at all times.

*Keep nails short and clean, as your hands are seen while communicating.
*When it comes to wearing a fragrance, always remember… a little dab is just enough.
*Use a deodorant / Anti perspirant specially in summers.
*Opt for one that smells fresh and tingly, nothing to heavy in aroma. Steer clear from strong fruity or spicy smells for work.

Business Attire
*Darker suits carry more authority; the most powerful colors are dark blue, grey and black.
*Solid colors and pinstripes are best, as long as pinstripes are muted and narrow.

*Safari suits are not formal.

*The shirt should be light colored, either plain or with horizontal or vertical stripes in light shades.

*Loud and big checks and prints of any kind are to be avoided.

*A long-sleeved shirt should always be buttoned at the cuffs and never rolled up.

*White, off white, blue, cream, beige, baby pink, pale n light yellow are the best office colors.

*Always wear an ironed shirt, even if the shirt claims to be "wash and wear."

*When wearing long-sleeved shirts, cuffs should extend a quarter inch below suit sleeve.

*Cotton/polyester blends are acceptable. The higher the cotton content, the better you'll look.

*The legs of the trousers must not be so long as to fall in folds over the shoe.

*Trousers should be long enough to look neat and long enough to cover the bare skin above the socks when they are hitched up in a sitting posture.

*A printed, striped or checked shirt ought to be worn with plain trouser.
*If the trousers are striped or checked, the shirt should be plain. 

*If the trousers are of dark color then the shirt should be of complimentary light color. e.g. a light blue shirt with dark blue trousers.

*When wearing a shirt without a tie, only the two collar buttons may be left undone.

*Your tie should compliment and add color to your suit.

*Width should be approximately the same as lapels, generally 2 ¾-3 ½ inches wide.

*Linen wrinkles too easily. satin ties are too flashy , but 100 percent silk ties make the most powerful and professional impact and are also the easiest to tie.

*Front end of the tie should touch the tip of the belt and back end tucked in well.

Shoes and Socks
*Black and brown leather are the best colors.
*Black/brown lace up shoes, cap toe, and wingtips are the most conservative.

*Shoes should be well polished and in good condition.

*Socks should complement the suit.

*They should not bunch around your ankles.

*They should be long enough that skin is not seen when legs are crossed.

*Its always better, that your socks are of same color as the trousers as it gives a polished look as there is no break in vision.

*White socks and sports socks are a big no-no.

*Jewelry should be very simple and conservative. Nothing more than a wedding band, and a single, very fine gold chain is acceptable.

*Briefcases should be leather; brown and black are the best colors.

*Watches should be simple and plain. Avoid leather, metal straps are the best.

*Belts should be leather and should match or complement shoes (blue/black/gray suit = black belt and shoes; brown/tan/beige suit = brown belt and shoes). The buckle should be simple and sober.

*Tie pins and cuff links add to your professional demeanor, so use them.


*Clear your table of clutter, retrieve relevant papers and review agenda.

*Early guests can be requested to wait if they come early.

*Guest who has an appointment should not be kept waiting.

*Your secretary should escort the guest to your office or you should step outside and escort them in.

*Greet your guest as he enters by standing up as soon as he enters, make eye contact, and follow with a warm hand shake. Ask your guest to take a seat before you do.

*All calls should be kept on hold except urgent calls.


*Dress conservatively and smartly.

*Be Punctual.

*In formal atmosphere, juniors should wait for seniors to take seat first. Seniors sit at the head of the table and juniors further away.

*Greet the people who are already present; shake hands, introduce yourself.

*Be careful of questions that might embarrass others.

*Give due credit where needed.
*After the meeting is concluded, thank the hosts, shake hands with everyone present and take your leave.

                               Sent to us by
     Dr Hitesh Bathija (Expert Personality Development)


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'Risk Factors'

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2) Modifiable :
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sent to us by,
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