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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Family Values

The institution of the family is very old and has always been around since time immemorial. It has existed long before the time of kings and governments. It is the one institution that man cannot live and love without. Man may find it tolerable to continue to exist without a government to govern over him, but without the warmth of a family, man may just turn into a cold and hollow entity. Yes, such is the importance of a family. With such significance given to a family, don’t you think that its survival can be best guaranteed with the practicing of key family values? Family values act like fuel to the growth and success of the family and the members that are a prominent part of it. Go ahead and read on to find for yourself enumerations on some of the most important family values in the sections that follow.

Important Family Values

*A Sense Of Belonging
As far as family values go, it is an absolute must for each and every member of a family to feel a sense of belonging to the same. A sense of belonging to the institution of the family is the base, with this intact come all other family values. Without a sense of belonging, it may be almost impossible for a sidelined individual to exhibit or practice a significant amount of family values. Bottom-line: Members of a family have to feel loved and feel free to love as this in turn will help lead to the construction of a sense of belonging.

*Give Respect, Take Respect
As a member of a family, each and every person is expected to respect his or her respective family members. The respect shown towards family members should always extend from the youngest member of the family to the eldest member of the family; in varying amounts if the need be so. Most people who are lucky enough to be a part of loving families often tend to take respect for granted. This can, in the long run, prove to be suicidal, because where respect is lacking, love and loyalty too can soon become rare ‘commodities’.

*Trust And Honesty
Trust and honesty go hand in hand. In a family, it will make no sense if one member of the family trusts the other, while the other continues to tell lies about his most profitable business. On the other hand, it will also little sense if one member of the family practices honesty, while another refuses to trust him or her. Thus, you see how trust and honest go hand in hand and play pivotal roles as key values of a family.

*Forgive And Forget
Some people say it is relatively easy to forgive but comparatively difficult to forget. However, in a family, with love and respect for the members of the same, it is an absolute must to forgive and forget, irrespective of how difficult it may be to so. Forgiveness helps you drop all the negativity, bad emotions and pain, while forgetting assists you in never bringing up the wrongs or misdeeds committed by a loved one.

*Loyalty For Life
With a family or as a part of a family, it is extremely important for every member to exhibit loyalty to the larger institution that he or she is a part of. Loyalty to a family comes by default. When a member of a family feels a sense of belonging to the family, by default, a sense of loyalty to the institution begins to develop and in time will become an impregnable fortress.

When you are a very distinct part of a family, it is a must for you to be flexible or bend and twist according to the needs of the circumstance. It is absolutely okay for a family to thrive in the presence of schedules and structures, but a certain amount of flexibility can do more good than harm. Each and every member of the family may have an own agenda, but when each individual agenda is placed at the altar of the family, flexibility and modulations are what matter most.

Now that you are familiar with the most important values that should be practiced in a family, go right ahead and practice it. If you think your family lacks such values, take all the steps require to implant such values into the same.

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                             Mrs Ana Parker ( New Jersey)


"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare".

Chanting of this Maha mantra regularly, fills your heart with immense peace and joy. you will begin to see light when all seems dark. your wishes come true out of the blue.

Heart Disease-No 1 Killer In Women

When you hear the term 'Heart Disease,' what is your first reaction? Like many women, you may think, “That’s a man’s disease” or “Not my problem.”
But here is The Heart Truth: Heart disease is the number one killer of women . Most women don’t know this. But it is vital that you know it—and know what it means for you.

One woman dies almost every minute from Heart Disease.Yet Studies Show that only 21%One woman view Heart Disease as Health Threat.

Worldwide 8.6 million women die of heart disease each year, accounting for a third of all deaths in women. With all the risk factors common to men additionally use of Oral Contraceptive pills is there in women. So women should be educated about everything they need to know about their heart.

According to statistics, the mortality rate among women suffering from cardiovascular diseases is also higher than that of men across the world, including India. The main reason behind the increased mortality rate in women is the changes in lifestyle in metropolitan cities. In big cities women are working late shifts and more and more women are taking help of smoking and drinking to deal with the stress of personal and professional life.

'Risk Factors'

1) Non Modifiable : Age , Family history and sex.

2) Modifiable :
High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Obesity , smoking, Alcohol, Unhealthy Diet, Stress and depression, Sedentary lifestyle.

Following are the Risk Factors That Play a Bigger Role in Women.
These factors affect both men and women, but doctors are finding that they may have a bigger impact on women:

a) Diabetes. This in particular is a more potent risk factor for women. Women who have diabetes have a four to five times more elevated risk for heart disease.

b) Birth Control Pills : Studies show that women who use high-dose birth control pills are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke because blood clots are more likely to form in the blood vessels.

Much of this information comes from studies of birth control pills containing higher doses of hormones than those commonly used today. Still, the risks of using low-dose pills are not fully known.
Therefore, if you are now taking any kind of birth control pill or are considering using one, keep these guidelines in mind: Don’t mix smoking and “the pill.” If you smoke cigarettes, make a serious effort to quit. If you cannot quit, choose a different form of birth control.

Unusual fatigue, Sleep disturbance , shortness of breath ,Indigestion , anxiety.

'You and Your Doctor: A Heart Healthy Partnership'

"ASK AND YOU GET!" Tell your doctor you want to keep your heart healthy and would like help in achieving that goal. Ask questions about your chances of developing heart disease and how you can lower your risk.
A wholistic approach combining Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy , Naturopathy, Yoga , and Lifestyle modifications can save your heart.

If you eat a nutritious diet, engage in regular physical activity, maintain a healthy weight, and stop smoking, you will improve your heart health. No matter what heart disease risk factors you have—or how many—you will greatly benefit from taking action in these four areas. If you already have heart disease, you can lessen its severity by following this plan.

True, you may need to take other steps to prevent or control heart disease. For example, if you have diabetes, you also will need to keep your blood sugar levels under control. But following a heart healthy eating plan, controlling your weight ,and engaging in more physical activity will help you keep your blood sugar at healthy levels. These steps will also help reduce your chances of developing high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol.

So Women , lets respond with one voice to the health crises of womens heart disease by creating awareness amongst ourselves.

NEWS-"Actress Elizabeth Banks promotes American Heart Association campaigns to spread awareness of Heart Disease in Women, Their No-1 Killer".

sent to us by,
Dr Rohinee A Motwani
Consultant Cardiac Rehabilitation (India)